Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Guide to Vintage shoping in Melbourne

Hello friends of Fashion

Here is my guide to vintage stores in Melbourne, if you live in a different city i am sorry but you can still use this next time you visit us
I am going to start with my most favourite of them all Shag ( they also have stores in Sydney). In Melbourne they have one of their stores at 377 Brunswick St ,Fitzroy.
I used to work at a shoes store on Brunswick street and going to Shag was my great escape from the real world to the fantastic world of retro fashion. They have amazing rages of clothes, shoes and their specialty jewelery.
And then there is the largest of them all Retro Star at located Firstfloor, Nicholas building 37 Swanston St ,corner of Flinders lane,.
Retro star is dedicated to music and street-wear, rock and band t-shirts, comic and specialty t-shirts, boots, leather jackets, bags, jewelery and accessories.
Check out Hunter gather on 82A Ackland street,St Kilda or at their Fitzroy store, they also have their own label, designed and made here in Melbourne which caters to both girls and boys.
And last but not least Meet me at Mikes on 63 Brunswick St, Fitzroy i love the way this store is Merchandised and they also have a cute and quirky blog look them up.
This is as far as i am going to go mainly because i am lazy, but please take a stroll down Smith and Brunswick street you won’t be disappointed and there is always those little cute vintage store we bump into on random streets of Melbourne.

Gotta love everything Vintage. except pictures of you when you were 5 with shaved head and your big ears sticking out(Me).

P.S I had pictures of some of the stores but i can't see to be able to upload them on here.....i am still knew to this so bare with me:-)

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