Monday, December 20, 2010

Just say "Masha'Allah

While my father and the rest of the family were still sleeping, my mother woke me and said, “Go now.”  I looked around for something to grab, something to take, but there was nothing, no bottle of water, no jar of milk, no basket of food.  So, barefoot, and wearing only a scarf draped around me, I ran off into the black desert night.

Waris Dirie

I hope this post inspires you to just keep you head up no matter where and what you have come from....Our Ignorance shouldn't mean we are tortured or degraded for been born women, its just lack of education and urban Myths that have messed with our Mothers' decisions.  You are never alone there are millions of girls that feel your pain, Remember Its not the wound but the healing process  that will shape your future.

Yours Truly


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fashion Seble: Grace Jones

Grace Jones

As a model one is forced to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and I just started to freak out, like I was going on the other side of the mirror. So I moved every mirror out of my house when I stopped modeling. 
- Grace Jones 
I think i'm doing a service to black women by portraying myself as a sex machine. I mean, what's wrong with being a sex machine, darling? Sex is large, sex is life, sex is as large as life, so it appeals to anyone that's living, or rather it should. - Grace Jones 
Survival is my primary instinct. I’ll do anything. It's out of my control. It's stronger than me. It's an outside force, a voice that says 'do this for your life or it will devour you’. - Grace Jones 

That's what they do in Argentina. Have a little wine and talk. Then have some coffee and talk. Then, go back to the wine - Grace Jones 

I've always been a rebel. I never do things the way they're supposed to be done. Either I go in the opposite direction or I create a new direction for myself, regardless of what the rules are or what society says. - Grace Jones 

Monday, November 15, 2010

J'Dore Kuei Alor

 I am not exaggerating when i say Kuei is the MOST beautiful WOMAN I know...and I work in fashion so i meet beautiful people everyday. Not only is she tall and flawless she is also totally clueless of of Gorgeous she is.  Alor is very traditional and down to earth. I once spent a day with her where i went to casting calls with her and i notice how all the other models adored her and she stood out among all of them with her height and great manners.  She has been in  number runway shows and fashion shots and her resume continues to grow and soon she will be adding ACTRESS to her title with people like  hollywood director George MIller to her references. She has recently been cast to star in Mad Max WATCH this space.

I recently interviewed her via email and here is what she had to say.....

My name is Kuei Alor I am originally from sudan but live in Sydney,Australia.

When i was 11 years old i used to look in magazine and day dream...i used to look at the runway models in the pictures and wished i was them but i never thought i had a i just continued  with school to become a lawyer but when the modelling opportunity came along i jumped to it..

 Were you discovered by a scout like most super models?

Actually No,  i was never discovered in shopping malls or  on a modelling search,i had to do it the hard and uncomfortable way..i went to one of the top agencies in sydney praying not to be rejected and thank GOD!! they were like yeah we will signed you up and see where it leads..from there and i have never look back.....

My first OMG moment was when i was featured in a wedding magazine called MY Perfect Wedding ..i was the first black girl to be featured in the magazine EVER!!! me the excitement was out of this world.

Who do you admire most in the industry?

 I love it when i get asked  this question.well am gonna say two supermodels because to me these two women are EXTRAORDINARY. There is Kate Moss who i love and adore coz she is so free spirited and then there is my ultimate favourite supermodel The legendary miss Grace Jones the woman is just AMAZINGLY TALENTED..

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Mmmmm..Still modelling,probably Married or just travelling all over the world, we will just have to wait and see. its so unfortunate that we can't predict the future..i guess thats what makes life interesting huh.

Whats playing on you Ipod?
I am a rock n roll kind of person.. I am listening to a lot of 80 rock in my ipod at the moment there is a band called Poison,the Clash,Bon Jovi and so many more...i could go on forever.....

What couldn't you live without?  
I couldn't live without my family ,Novels written by Jackie  Collins and my ipod.

And...blogs you read?

 My favourite blog is  ITS THE BEST...

  Thanks Kuei

For more go to: Alor

Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the notes for futuristic soul diva janelle Monae's debut LP  (out May 18), she cites the following as inspirations: Princess Leia's cinnamon buns hairstyle, Fela Kuti's cigarettes, Jack White's mustache. The oddball influences make more sense within the anything-goes context of the album, which flies from Afrobeat to psych rock to James Brown funk to Fantasia-soundtrack whimsy across its 18 tracks. You could call it a trip.


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