Monday, August 23, 2010

The cheaper the better

WHY did people start dressing a certain way?
I believe before coco Chanel and Valentino....we wore cloth for various reasons.
Basic things like protection, modesty and symbolism.
Where I come from, my elders wore the cloth they wore not because it was the latest thing in fashion or it was designed by a well known designer. They styled themselves depending on what tribe they were from, what religion they belong to or what occasion it was.
Even though each season their fashion didn’t evolve or change at all, it was never old, boring or predictable. In fact it’s timeless and classically beautiful, and that’s why we now see designers like Tina Kalivas using African prints and designs as an inspiration to their latest range.
So when did we get so carried away with this entire fashion race? Why do we care if we are wearing the latest outfit by the hottest designer?
I love fashion I can watch fashion TV for hours without blinking. I get goose bums when I walk backstage at a fashion show or meet a designer.
Each season the shows are different,bigger,better and more seductive.
But you won’t see me cleaning out my closet every season to replace it with this years latest must haves.
There is so much freedom and option now days in the way we choose our clothes, we can spend so much or so little and look just as good.
Its all about being inspired and expressing ourselves, we can say so many things about who we are just by the way we dress. I know the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover but trust me” we are constantly judged just by the way we dress and at times it can make us or break us.
People who say they don’t care what they wear are complete hypocrites, we all care about what wear and none of us would walk out the front door knowing we don’t look right. We have favourite s and comfort zones. We love our clothes and some we don’t even throw out until its nothing but shreds of fabric.
I remember meeting a man in my retail days who came into the store to buy a suit for his daughter‘s wedding and he told me everything he was wearing was at least 10 years old, he was from the country and hardly went shoping. Now he might not win fashionista of the year but he was a well dressed man with nice clean cloth that suited him and he looked comfortable and in the end thats whats its all about.
So friends no need to break your bank just to look the way Victoria Beckham did on the cover of Grazia.
Just do you. What makes you feel comfortable,confident or even sexy.
Figuring it out who you are is a blessing and you could do that through fashion.
I am lucky to live in Melbourne, nothing too flashy here.
Walking down Brunswick street is like attendind a vintage fashion show, people have their own unique style. Some stick to black and some like it loud and colourful,and some like to mix it up.
I love the vintage it had so many advantages besides saving us cash. Its enviromentaly friendly and its very unlikely you would bumb into someone wearing the same outfit .
Vintage stores on Smith street have so much to offer and the Fitzroy market is never dull. If you know what you like you can easly put an outfit togther for less than $100.
If you don’t believe me give it ago one Saturday afternoon and see what you come out with
The moral of this article is friends who cares how much your outfit cost as long as its doing its job and that to protect you,keep you warm and dry and most of all show the world what a wonderful creative personality you have.
So how much are you going to spend on your next shoping spree?


  1. I take it as an honor to be able to see you come this far and get to witness this achievment. "I am proud of you" sounds cheap these days coz people are just using it, but as for me rigt now, my sweet friend, writing down right now for you is out of the joy that flows out of my heart. You have been a dreamer and i am happy..extrimly happy to see you heading your way of achieving your goal. My heartful joy goes out to you. much much love!

  2. Sebli i like the way you put things, very articulate and interesting i believe that you have got a knack at doing it, as far as i am concerned fashion is all about perspective, to be able to see things in different angels and the ability to perceive it, as for me you have got it all and using knowledge, experience and your cultural advantage without any doubt some day you will be a world class successful designer! I am proud of and keep up the good work!!! John Tesfaye