Monday, December 20, 2010

Just say "Masha'Allah

While my father and the rest of the family were still sleeping, my mother woke me and said, “Go now.”  I looked around for something to grab, something to take, but there was nothing, no bottle of water, no jar of milk, no basket of food.  So, barefoot, and wearing only a scarf draped around me, I ran off into the black desert night.

Waris Dirie

I hope this post inspires you to just keep you head up no matter where and what you have come from....Our Ignorance shouldn't mean we are tortured or degraded for been born women, its just lack of education and urban Myths that have messed with our Mothers' decisions.  You are never alone there are millions of girls that feel your pain, Remember Its not the wound but the healing process  that will shape your future.

Yours Truly


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